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Update: 32-bit Normal transfer works on mGBA! Only 8-bit Normal transfer is broken as of this update.

Update2: mGBA has been updated to support 8-bit Normal transfers. Nice.

Quickly writing up my findings because this has really annoyed me and I want to get something written out there for the next person who attempts this. This article almost certainly has errors and mistaken assumptions, take it as a thought-dump rather than ground truth.

The GBA homebrew community tends to stay away from touching multiplayer/link-cable related code and I’ve identified two reasons:

  • Normal8/Normal32 mode doesn’t work on emulators
  • GBATek’s description of…

I keep telling people I’ll write up articles about the random crap I end up coding in my free-time, so I went ahead and made a Medium account, probably just one step below being one of those weird people who write LinkedIn articles (I might one day become one of those).

Ended up wasting 20 minutes trying to style my Medium page to look cool, only to hit the revert button and now here I am.

ANYWAY: This article will be a rambling story time with no real lessons to be learned.

A while ago I got into Game Boy…

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Minecraft Java Edition game developer at Mojang Studios. Vulkan, OpenGL, C/C++, Java and a million other things. [Envision. Create. Share.]

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